Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation

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About This Project

We are honored to unveil our work on the website redesign for the Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation, and to have the opportunity to support their mission cultivating hope and support. Our goal was to create a digital haven that not only reflects the foundation’s unwavering commitment to cancer patients and their families but also serves as a beacon for fundraising, community engagement, and resource dissemination.

The primary objective of this project was to design a website that embodies the compassion and support that the Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation provides to individuals and families affected by cancer. We aimed to create an informative, uplifting, and accessible online space for those seeking assistance and community connection.

Explore the compassionate resources and community at the Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation at willamettevalleycancerfoundation.org and join us in the journey of hope, support, and healing.