Rotary Club of Newberg

About This Project

Rotary Club of Newberg

When you’ve been a designer for long time, one of the true joys is getting to revitalize work you did long ago. The Rotary Club of Newberg is one of our original clients, and our work together began years ago when we first made their previous website. Many years later, we had the pleasure of refreshing their look and adding some modern new features!

We are strong supporters of Rotary, and truly enjoyed capturing their mission to strengthen connections and foster community engagement. We wanted to create an inviting and informative website that mirrors the Rotary’s commitment to service, fellowship, and the pursuit of positive change.

The Rotary’s new website encapsulates the spirit of Rotary, connecting members and the community through a visually appealing and user-friendly platform. The redesigned website stands as a testament to Rotary’s dedication to service above self, unity, and the pursuit of positive change in the heart of Newberg.

Ready to explore the power of community service and fellowship? Visit the all-new website today!